Best Solar EPC companies for Commercial projects.

Best Solar EPC companies for Commercial projects.

Introduction to Solar EPC companies 

The global push for renewable energy has strengthened and India stands as a top instance of commitment to making use of solar power to meet climate change and sustainability aims. With its huge sunlight and powerful renewable energy goals, India is to lead the world solar industry. Here in this comprehensive study we have brought to you the top solar EPC companies for commercial projects in India for the year 2024, considering their innovation, contributions and effect on the economy’s energy needs. 

Alliant renewables is one of the best choices that you have when it comes to the best commercial solar power projects. You are gonna receive high class services and amazing engineering aid at the Alliant renewables. Let us have a quick look at the best solar EPC companies for commercial projects


Best Solar EPC companies for Commercial projects 


1. Alliant Renewables Private Limited

Alliant renewables is a private company that is registered under the Registrar of Companies of Kanpur.  The company commenced on 29-Apr-2023, and bases it’s operations in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It comes under the category of Company limited by shares. Alliance renewables has an authorised capital of Rupees 1000000. The important function of the company is related to Electric power generation using other non conventional sources. The company has been providing top quality assistance to commercial solar power projects. This is the top most selection which you can have when it comes to commercial solar power projects. 


2. Adani Solar

Adani Solar has turned to be a powerhouse in India’s renewable energy industry. Having its expertise in solar energy and its technology, Adani Solar, which is one of the best solar EPC companies for commercial projects has always been prominent in inducing the adoption of solar energy across several segments. From utility-scale projects to solar parks and rooftop installations, Adani Solar’s mesmerising participation and commitment to advancements has a majestic role in reshaping India’s solar energy needs.


3. Bluebird Solar

The Bluebird Solar is undeniably at the leading place of India’s solar revolution. With a powerful commitment to develop the potential of solar energy, Bluebird Solar is a top gamer in rendering full fledged solar power solutions which are sustainable and efficient. From detailed system design and engineering to production of top-quality equipments and seamless project commissioning, Bluebird Solar affects every part of the solar installation process with perfection. The Bluebird Solar expertise plans works on varied projects bridging the gap between commercial, residential,  institutional, and administrative sectors which leads to the adoption of solar power all throughout the country.


4. Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar being a subsidiary of the prestigious Tata Group, has always been a leader in India’s solar energy segment. Their commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability has taken them to the top places of the solar EPC industry in India. The Tata Power Solar’s mixed portfolio consists of utility-scale projects, solar water pumps and off-grid solutions which cater rural and urban markets making prominent advancements in the country’s renewable energy objectives. 


5. Servotech Power Systems

The Servotech Power Systems has created pivotal strides in India’s solar EPC sector, rendering advanced and dependable solutions for solar power generation projects. With an aim at engineering prominence and customer delight, Servotech Power Systems delivers magnificent solar solutions designed to combat the unique needs of its customers. Servotech Power Systems’ dedication to quality and efficiency has created their position as a top partner in the renewable energy sector. 


6. Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten which is renewable energy segment of the Mahindra Group pioneers by example in the solar EPC sector. They are well known for their end-to-end solar power solutions too.  Mahindra Susten provides full fledged services right from project development and engineering to procurement and maintenance. They focus on cutting-edge technology and efficient project execution which has earned them a significant position in the solar power market in India. 


7. Sterling and Wilson

Sterling and Wilson, with its strong legacy in the energy sector, has spread its footprint in the solar EPC sector, turning to an eminent player in India’s renewable energy advancements. Their all round approach to solar project implementation along with international expertise, has placed them as a top partner for solar investors and developers together. Their commitment to safety, timely delivery and quality underscores their goodwill as a top-tier solar EPC business in the country. 


8. Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar’s state-of-the-art engineering expertise and manufacturing facilities have created its place as a pioneer in India’s solar EPC industry sector. Providing a total solution of a range of solar products and services, Vikram Solar aids diverse segments like residential , industrial and commercial sectors. Their fascinating commitment to perfection has earned top credits in the solar power market of India. 


9. Jakson Solar

Jakson Solar has also been a trusted name in the Indian solar EPC space, providing top notch solutions for solar power projects. Focusing on innovation and sustainability Jakson Solar has created its exclusive experience and technical aspects to deliver dependable and economical solar power solutions. Their portfolio enlists a huge range of projects, from  large-scale solar farms to rooftop installations. 


10. Pahal Solar

Pahal Solar has instantly risen as a flexible player in India’s solar EPC sector, paying heed on delivering  sustainable solar power solutions. With a strong focus on research and development, Pahal Solar has an expertise in customising solar projects to meet the customised needs of its clients and customers. Their commitment to innovation and customer delight sets them apart in the competitive solar power market landscape in India. 


11. Waaree Energies Ltd

The Waaree Energies ltd being on the tenth position has earned an amazing reputation in India’s solar power needs. In conclusion, the top solar EPC companies of India in 2024 lead to innovation and commitment to sustainability excellence. As India endures its march towards top renewable power aims, the contributions of these companies will be pivotal in shaping the future of the solar power industry, creating the way for a greener and sustainable future.


Process involved in Solar projects 

The Solar EPC is an abbreviated form for Solar – Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company. 

Hiring an expert solar EPC company which has operated with several types of solar installations in various regions is much better than hiring a typical installation company. They render services strengthened by the advanced technology to cater to current demands. These companies will also look after your full fledged Operation & Maintenance of your Solar power plant life. They will aid you to get an enhanced Solar Plant ROI. 

To further learn the significance of solar power firms, let’s understand what services they render in the following segments. 


1. Creating a solar Engineering Design

Having a solar system installed at the residential or commercial zone needs adequate planning and engineering operation. Solar engineering is related to the design and creation of power plants and any equipment that operate on solar power. It covers all the segments associated with your power needs. Solar engineering design services consist of analysing client needs, operating site surveys, understanding environmental conditions, analysing the design and energy generation capability, selecting proper machinery and creating a 3D model of the system. This phase affects the materials needed and the individuals factors responsible for carrying out several functions which cater to accomplish your power requirement. 


2. Procuring solar equipment

Your solar EPC company for commercial projects is for producing the best quality solar machinery. This will partner with popular firms to choose top notch machinery for installation. The EPC company will also bargain on prices and select the best deal on behalf of you. 


3. Solar panel construction

The EPC company will develop solar panels and other accessories and also establish a mesmerising grid connectivity at this phase. The procurement team will coordinate the systems into the existing solar panel facility. Special care is taken to assure that entire process of  installation is done perfectly. EPC companies also render maintenance tasks after its installation. 

It is also to be understood that the efficiency of the solar project relies on the quality of resources. The solar EPC companies will give the best and dependable services which makes sure that each and every stage of your solar power project is taken care of in a perfect manner. You can even carry out a background check before you begin the contract in order to avoid any risks in the future. 


Benefits of Solar energy 

Our star is the prominent power source the Earth has always relied upon. The Sun is the strongest and the most focused, and is one of the best sources of energy resources. 

Some of the benefits of solar power are shared by many other renewable sources of energy. The most prominent of these is the capacity to conserve our planet from weather change: captivating and then using the sun’s rays permits us to decrease our fossil fuel usage without creating greenhouse gases and takes us to power self-reliability. But the question is what are the unique features of solar power that keeps it apart from other renewable sources of energy, such as geothermal, wind and hydroelectric power? I have listed them in some points below to reveal the Sun’s majestic potential for offering daily power to both businesses and people.


1. Green energy source

The solar panels are enormously pragmatic, not only in the installation phase, but also when it is time to take out or replace them. They are normally easy to break up and the materials used in them can be reused, recycled and reclaimed further decreasing the global impact of this energy source.  

The availability of energy that can be brought together in several ways states that modular plants can be installed that range from very tiny in size for local use to expanded-scale farms. This heavy versatility permits us to create plants according to the needs and particular features of the domestic zone. 


2. Suitable to batteries and the electricity grid 

Photovoltaics generate power most prominently during the peak hours of the day, but due to bigger, more effective and dependable storage ways, we’re better able to cater the imbalance between power needs and what the sun gives us naturally. No matter there may be variations from nation to nation, normally talking, solar power, specifically where photovoltaic advancement is employed to produce it, can be transferred explicitly to the electricity grid.

It also makes things like energy unities possible and permits businesses and private individuals to transit the surplus power they generate to the market, assuring them not only source of income but savings. There is a prominent social benefit as well, because that power becomes instantly available to people in regions of the world which previously couldn’t access traditional electrical connectivity just as we they have in Africa.


3. Technological versatility

The versatility of solar power also goes up to its technological advancement. Primary thing that comes to mind is photovoltaic panels, but solar power can also be utilised to generate thermal power by hot fluids, or by bringing both types in the most advanced thermodynamic solar energy generators. 

It is similarly factual that compared to a fossil fuel functioning or even many other renewables, solar power generates a minimal noise. Apart from the tools needed for bringing down the temperature, both the devices and the sun’s rays themselves implemented to gather their power are overwhelmingly calm and hence suitable for use in any form. 


4. Omnipresent source of energy

It may be trivial, but in fact every single area of the Earth receives sunlight to a lesser or greater extent and provides two benefits. Firstly, sunlight is a power source that can be brought to use anywhere on the globe and can even be stored without much infrastructure or proximity hence in countrysides, rural regions, zones which are remote or hard to reach, the sun has always been an amazing choice. 


5. A dependable technology 

Based in the realm of the 21st century, photovoltaics is an advanced technology. These systems no longer lead and the  experimental answers, as it was  in the final phase of the 20th century; now the durability, reliability and efficiency of these plants are above our requirements. 


6. Low maintenance cost

In spite of the fact that photovoltaic panels slowly turn less efficient, with a total lifespan of 20-25 years, the type of post-installation maintenance needed is the same to that of a general electrical one with the addition of some time to time clearance and some other tasks hence we can conclude that it needs a low maintenance cost.


7. Creation of local wealth 

Among all the green jobs, solar power generates the most job opportunities for builders, developers, installers and maintenance technicians needed at the ground and advanced level. Using the efficiency of solar power brings a brand new hope to the economy and offers households, businesses and economics an investment 


8. Renewable and inexhaustible source of energy

It is actually factual that the Sun that gives our solar system its name is not gonna be forever. By the time scale that is more factual to us, the sun prevails as an inexhaustible and unchangeable source of power ; year by year, it was and will always be there, always perfectly in the same condition. 


Bottom line

In this article we have tried to explain to you some facts and knowledge related to the best EPC companies for commercial solar power projects in India. We also told you about the benefits of solar power. Stay with us to get similar knowledge and technological updates. Alliant renewables is gonna be one of the best options here. You will be getting services like engineering, aids, technical support, guarantee, solar power infrastructure to the best. Alliant renewables has always been to the service of its clients since it began its operations. The company has earned a lot of credit and popularity in the Indian commercial solar power projects. Alliant renewables is one of the best companies active in the solar EPC projects for commercial purposes. If you need a complete solar power solution then there is no better option than Alliant renewables. 

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